Aluminum Jacketing solutions with fPolysurlyn Moisture Barrier (PSMB)

Aluminium Jacketing solutions with Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier (PSMB) for Refinery and oil field projects

 Aluminum Jacketing solutions with fPolysurlyn Moisture Barrier (PSMB)

Aluminum Jacketing with Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier is widely used in the insulation industry to protect exterior piping, vessels, tanks, and equipment from any type of weathering. This combination provides a highly effective and durable solution that can withstand harsh and wet environments.


The aluminum jacketing is a premium-grade aluminum alloy that has been engrossed with a highly corrosion-resistant coating that protects the pipe from any kind of corrosive environmental factors. Meanwhile, the Polysurlyn moisture barrier has been bonded to the aluminum jacketing using a special adhesive that provides a highly effective barrier that protects against moisture, heat, and cold transfer.


Uses of Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier


Polysurlyn is a material that has been used for decades as a moisture barrier, and it is highly effective in protecting against water vapor and other airborne contaminants. The material is made up of a laminated film that has been bonded to the surface of the aluminum jacketing through a highly effective process that creates a highly durable barrier. The moisture barrier protects the insulation from any type of moisture penetration, and also provides a highly effective barrier against an environmental attack that can affect the insulation’s performance.


The use of the Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier enhances the durability and efficiency of the aluminum jacketing. The combination offers superior protection against damage, including the impact of harsh weather, high winds, extreme temperatures, and chemical exposure. This further reduces the maintenance and repair cost needed for outdoor equipment that comes into contact with moisture on a daily basis.


In addition, the aluminum jacketing with a Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier comes in different thicknesses, making it suitable for use in various industrial settings. It can be used for both outdoor and indoor installations, including the HVAC unit, Petrochemical plant, cooling towers, cool and chilled water pipelines in any multi-story building/hotels / recreational / entertainment centers, power generating units, onshore or offshore construction.




In conclusion, aluminum jacketing with a Polysurlyn Moisture Barrier has been the go-to solution for corrosion protection and moisture control for decades. This combination offers unbeatable protection and durability, reducing the maintenance and replacement cost of any insulation for outdoor equipment. It is highly recommended for easy, cost-effective, and efficient installation in commercial and industrial settings.


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