Clear coat on PVDF coated steel coils (PPGI coils) for 20 years warranty and sea-exposed projects.


PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) coatings are one of the most widely utilised commercial and industrial coatings. PVDF is a fluoropolymer resin that is very inert and stable, allowing it to withstand metal corrosion for long periods of time.

A resin-based coating system, PVDF transparent coatings are a resin-based coating system. They’re commonly employed on project exteriors when a long-lasting coating is required to protect the substrate from weathering, chalking, fading, and UV radiation. Valspar’s 70 percent PVDF coatings provide a beautiful look as well as exceptional protection.

Both before and after forming, PVDF transparent coatings can be applied to metal. Clear coatings are applied to formed aluminium extrusions on curtain walls, aluminium window and door framing, gutters, soffits, and sunshades in the factory in coil coating applications for metal roofs, garage doors, and wall panels, or spray applied to formed aluminium extrusions on gutters, soffits, and sunshades.

Manufacturers produced custom compositions of resins, pigments, solvents, and additives to generate these high-performance PVDF coatings. PVDF coatings are widely produced by a variety of manufacturers and marketed with a variety of trademarked names, such as Fluropon, making it difficult for industry outsiders to distinguish between coating and resin makers. Furthermore, despite the fact that various manufacturers’ coatings generally include comparable PVDF resins, the application and performance of paint systems might differ due to each company’s proprietary formulas.

Leading coating producers are continuing to create innovative formulas to fulfil the expanding demands and imaginative uses of architects, developers, and construction firms. Energy-efficient, solar-reflective, and color-changing coatings, as well as improved application qualities and more consistent colour constancy, are among the most recent advances.

PVDF Coil and Extrusion Coatings Benefits


UV Resistance

PVDF coatings have the highest UV resistance of any polymer used in coatings today, providing an environmentally benign solution to withstand heat absorption from the sun. PVDF coatings not only reduce energy cooling costs and make interior spaces more pleasant, but they do it without losing durability, performance, or aesthetics.


Chalk and Fade Resistance

The optimum composition is essential for protection against chalking and fading. Carbon-fluorine bonds are among the most powerful chemical connections. PVDF paints’ obstinate resistance to chalking and erosion, as well as severe airborne industrial and atmospheric contaminants, is due to this combination of chemicals.


Film Integrity and Coating Adhesion Quality

The right mixture is essential for preventing chalking and fading. One of the most powerful chemical connections is that between carbon and fluorine. PVDF paints’ tenacious resistance to chalking and erosion, as well as severe airborne industrial and atmospheric contaminants, is due to this unique combination of chemicals.


Gloss Ranges

Gloss ranges indicate the shine or glossiness of a paint finish. Metal coatings come in a wide range of gloss levels, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. In most PVDF formulations, a standard gloss level is applied.



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