Colour Coated Steel Coils & it’s Applications in Building & Construction Industry

Colour Coated Steel Coils & it’s Applications in Building & Construction Industry, A promising investment project is colour coated steel coil. It may be easily transformed into a variety of goods for future use. It is also less expensive than finished goods. Purchasing pre-painted coils will be a more cost-effective option for some major projects or investors. Dana Steel offers a variety of colour and pattern options.

Colour Coated Steel Coils

Dana Steel is an industry and trade company that is one of the major pre-painted steel coil suppliers in Dubai. To satisfy customer needs, there are a variety of products using galvanised or galvalume as the substrate. You can also select any RAL colour, glossy or matte finish, unique patterns, and so on. Furthermore, we provide a factory-direct price as well as substantial savings for large orders. More settings are included below for your convenience


ItemColour Coated Steel Coil
SubstrateGI, GL
Thickness0.12 mm-1.2 mm
Width600 mm-1250 mm
Coil Weight3-5 tons (can be customized)
CoatingsPE, SMP, HDP, PVDF
Coating ThicknessTop: 11-35 μm   Back: 5-14 μm
ColoursAs per RAL Colour (custom patterns are available)
PackageStandard Export Package

Colour Coated Steel Coils

Colour Coated Steel Coil in Building and Construction


Pre-painted steel coils can be cut, sheared, and profiled for a variety of applications, including:

  1. Construction, such as roofing, interior, and exterior wall panels, ceilings, partitioning walls, and so on.
  2. Transportation, such as automobile, train, or ship decorative panels, containers, and so forth.
  3. Home Appliances, which are mostly utilised to create the shells of refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners, among other things.
  4. Furniture, such as a wardrobe, a locker, a radiator, a lampshade, a table, a bed, a bookshelf, a shelf, and so on.
  5. Other industries, such as roller shutters, billboards, traffic signs, elevators, and whiteboards, to name a few.


What are the Benefits of Pre-Painted Steel Coils?

Colour-coated sheet is a new material that has become highly popular in our lives. However, it is a type of substance, making it an excellent investment opportunity. Let’s have a look at some of its characteristics.

  1. Transportability

Coils are easier to transport than colour coated steel sheets. As a result, your shipping costs will be reduced.

  1. Broad Applicability

The colour coated coil is light in weight and has high mechanical properties. Colour coated steel, for example, weighs roughly 6-14 kg per square metre, which is only 1/30 of the weight of a brick wall of the same area. Its mechanical properties, on the other hand, can meet the safety standards. As a result, it’s common in construction, transportation, and other fields. That is to say, there is a market opportunity.

  1. Simple to Process

Because of their formality, colour steel coils are simple to shear or shape for many uses. It’s possible that all you’ll need is fewer equipment and a straightforward operation. While it is less expensive than finished goods. It will significantly reduce your investment costs for huge projects.

  1. Requires less maintenance

Prepainted steel coil and products made of colour-coated steel require less maintenance due to the superior corrosion resistance of galvanised steel or galvaume steel. You will never have to worry about after-sales issues as an investment. It is a cost-effective option for users.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Colour coated sheet coil is environmentally friendly. For example, there is no need to be concerned if colour coated steel is used as a building material because it is environmentally friendly. Even the colour-coated steel that has been used can be reused.


Price of Colour Coated Steel Coil

On the market, colour coated coil costs range from $500 to $1,900 per tonne. In fact, many factors determine the pricing of colour coated steel coils, including the substrate, thickness, colour, coating, coating thickness, printed pattern, and so on. We recommend going with the one that best fits your demands and budget, rather than the cheapest option.

  1. Substrates

There are three types of colour-coated steel coils to pick from, depending on the substrate: cold-rolled steel (CR), galvanised steel (GI), and Al-Zn-coated steel (GL). CR is the cheapest of the three, but its corrosion resistance is inferior to that of GI or GL. It’s commonly utilised as an interior lining panel, a lamp, and so on. Although PPGL is costly, it is an excellent building material due to its high corrosion resistance and reflectivity.

  1. Coatings

Polyester (PE), silicone modified polyester (SMP), high durability polyester (HDP), and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) are some of the most often utilised top coats (PVDF). PVDF is more expensive than other materials, but it has superior physical qualities. It is also recommended that the paint be chosen in accordance with the various use scenarios.




Dana Steel is a significant provider of pre-painted steel coils in Dubai. We sell a range of colour coated coils, including red, blue, grey, green, and others. The available thickness is from 0.12 mm to 1.2 mm, and the width ranges from 600 mm to 1,250 mm. In addition, we provide customised solutions to fulfil specific needs. Furthermore, we will provide discounts for large orders. Please contact us for product samples or to come to see us on site!


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