Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets

DANA STEEL  manufactures Corrugated Sheets by Roll forming Process from the Various Steel Coils it produces. The Base material of the Corrugated sheets can be Galvanized Steel(GI – Most commonly used), Aluzinc Steel(AZ), Prepainted Galvanized Steel(PPGI), Prepainted Galvalume/Aluzinc(PPAZ/PPGL) or Prepainted Aluminum(PPAL) coils. Thereby according to the base material used it can be it can be divided into color coated roofing sheets, hot dipped galvanized corrugated roofing sheets and Galvalume sheet roofing.

The Key Benefits & Advantages of Corrugated Roofing Sheets are as below :-

1) Light weight, high impact strength & easy to use

2) Deep corrugations provide an aesthetic look to the roof as compared to previously used asbestos  sheets.

3) Strength of Corrugation design allows for a longer span and higher allowable loads.

4) Various corrugation profiles :- Wave Profile(Sinusoidal – Most commonly used), Box Profile ( Trapezoidal) , Tile Profile , Micro Corrugation Profile.

5) The Thickness and width is variable as per different profiles so clients can choose from a wide variety.

6) The base materials for the  Roofing sheet can be changed as per requirement to  galvanized steel (GI), prepainted galvanized steel (PPGI), also  galvalume steel (GL/AZ)and prepainted galvalume steel (PPGL / PPAZ).

7) The GI /PPGI Roofing sheet continuously reflect solar heat thus helping to save on cooling costs and in minimizing energy consumption.

galvanized iron corrugated sheets mabatiGalvanized Iron (GI) steel corrugated sheets have become a popular and widely used material for residential roofing projects in Africa. Although roofing sheets are available in other metals options like aluminum and Aluzinc, GI corrugated sheets are the most common ones to be used  as they are an inexpensive option.These sheets come in varying thickness and specifications and can be manufactured to custom made sizes as per the client requirements.

The Key markets where DANA STEEL’s Galvanized  Roofing Sheet ( Mabati Sheets) is exported to are :-

West African Region – Ghana/ Sierra Leone/ Congo/ Cameroon/ Liberia/ Ivory Coast/ Gabon/ Burkina Faso/Angola.
South Africa Region – Mozambique/ Malawi / South Africa/ Zimbabwe/ Zambia / DR Congo/
East Africa Region – Uganda/ Burundi/ Rwanda.
Island  Region – Comoros/Reunion /Mauritius/Seychelles/Madagascar/Sri Lanka.

Specifications of DANA STEEL Galvanized Iron(GI) Corrugated Roofing sheets are :–>

  • Base  Material :- Full Hard with Hardness Range HRB (70-90) as per ASTM/JIS
  • Zinc Coating :- 60 gsm to 300 gsm
  • Most common widths in mm(after corrugation) :-  602,720, 740, 762, 780, 800, 840, 910, 1100
  • Thickness :- 0.14 mm to 0.80 mm
  • Length(in mm) :- 1830, 2135, 2440, 2745,3000, 3050, 3660, 4270, 4880 or as per requirement.
  • Bundle Packing :- 800-1100 sheets/bundle or as per customer requirement.

wave corrugated profile gi steel sheets

corrugated galvanized gc gi iron sheet supplier


 Domestic & Export Bundle Packaging of GI Corrugated & Plain Sheets @ DANA STEEL

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