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DANA galvanized steel [ASTM A653 Grade 80/G550 galvanized steel]

DANA galvanized steel [ASTM A653 Grade 80/G550 galvanized steel], It is the process of applying a protective Zinc layer/coating to steel in order to prevent rusting. The hot-dip galvanizing is the most common method employed for galvanization; this process involves steel parts submerged into a bath of molten zinc. The galvanized steel thus obtained offers better resistance against corrosion.

Advantages of using galvanized steel

  • Galvanized steel performs a lot better than normal steel in a variety of applications, over different environmental conditions and in different industrial applications.
  • The coating gets perfectly glued to the steel surface, becoming an effective part of the steel.
  • Steel becomes a lot more durable after the process of galvanization. The long term durability that is provided by galvanizing is achieved at the relatively low burden on the environment in terms of energy(some of the steel varieties are reported to have lasted for around 100 years)
  • The coated layer ensures that the final product is tough which essentially means that site damage is kept under a strict check
  • The process of coating is very quick (gets finished within a matter of a few minutes). However, the preparation of Steelwork takes a bit longer and there are a number of other works that are being processed simultaneously.
  • As Zinc occupies the top layer, it gets corroded in preference to steel, scarifying itself to protect the Steel.
  • Both the external and internal surfaces of the steel components remain protected from corrosion.

Popular galvanized steel grade ASTM A653 is produced and supplied in large quantities from DANA

Popular grade- ASTM A653 SS Grade 80 / G550 High Strength Galvanized Steel Coil

G550 galvanized steel is hot dipped zinc coated structural steel with a spangled surface with the guaranteed minimum yield strength of 550MPa

It is typically used in roll-formed sections for structural applications.

We, here at DANA Steel adhere to strict standards making sure that all of our produced and supplied galvanized steel coils comply with the industrial grade-ASTM A653 SS Grade 80 / G550 galvanized coils which are then used in the construction of light gauge steel(LGS).

Chemical composition and physical properties of different ASTM A653 galvanized steel-grades



Quality Chemical Composition, Max % Yield Strength min, Ksi Tensile Strength min, Psi Elongation in 2″ min, %
C Min P S Cu
Commercial Quality (A526) 0.15 0.60 0.04 0.040 0.20   –   —
Lock Forming Quality( A527) 0.15 0.60 0.04 0.040 0.20   –  —
Drawing Quality (A528) 0.1 0.50 0.03 0.035   –   –  —
Drawing Quality Special Killed (A642) 0.1 0.50 0.03 0.035   –   –  —
Structural Quality (A 446) Grade 33(A) 0.20   – 0.40 0.04 0.20 33 45 20
Grade 37 (B) 0.20   – 0.10 0.04 0.20 37 52 18
Grade 40 ( c) 0.25   – 0.10 0.04 0.20 40 55 16
Grade 50 Class 1(D) 0.40   – 0.20 0.04 0.20 50 65 12
Class2 (D) 0.40   – 0.20 0.04 0.20 50   – 12
Class 3 (F) 0.50   – 0.04 0.04 0.20 50 70 12
Grade 80 (E) 0.20   – 0.04 0.04 0.20 80 82   –
High Strength low-alloy (A816) Grade 50 Type I 0.20 1.20   — 0.035 0.20 50 60 20
Type II 0.15 1.20   — 0.035 0.20 50 60 22
Grade 60 Type I 0.20 1.35   — 0.035 0.20 60 70 16
Type II 0.15 1.20   — 0.035 0.20 60 70 18
Grade 70 Type I 0.20 1.65   — 0.035 0.20 70 80 12
Type II 0.15 1.65   — 0.035 0.20 70 80 14
Grade 80 Type I 0.20 1.65   — 0.035 0.20 80 90 10
Type II 0.15 1.65   — 0.035 0.20 80 90 12


Fabricating performance

Method Rating

(process responsible for producing V-shaped, U-shaped and channel-shaped sections)

Roll Forming

(Process involving bending of a sheet, strip or coil stock into continuous cross-sections)


(Process involving the use of heat in order to join materials)

Painting Excellent


Light Gauge Steel construction (using galvanized steel)

Principally, Light gauge steel(LGS) construction is very similar to wood-framed construction, structural steel is used as framing members in this case. The steel sections used in these applications are generally cold-formed sections (sections are shaped at room temperature), Cold-formed steel is shaped by guiding thin sheets of steel through a series of rollers, where each roller is supposed to change the shape slightly, at the end, as the net result flat sheet is converted into C or S-shaped sections.

Galvanized steel is used in these applications, owing to strong corrosion resistance. The thickness of the coating is a function of the environment in which it is to be used. Marine environments require the highest grade of protection, while dry and arid regions could do away with little coating.

Advantages of LGS construction

The light gauge steel structures offer a number of advantages-

  • Being light, they allow quick building without the use of heavy tools or types of equipment.
  • It is stronger as compared to wood frame construction.
  • Their higher strength allows greater spacing between frame members.
  • It can be easily shaped into any form consequently; it can be clad and insulated with a wide range of materials.
  • This type of construction can be easily modified.
  • They are non-combustible, which is a very important requirement.


Renowned machine manufacturers using LGS

The Light gauge steel has found wide applications in many construction applications. Renowned and established machine manufacturers like Howick, Pinnacle and Framecad use LGS in a variety of construction purposes


Pinnacle uses light gauge steel (galvanized steel) in construction of some of the most hi-tech machines including advanced robotic machines.

Pinnacle has also researched and developed concrete build reinforced with steel framing structure, the use of LGS is already proving to be revolutionary and promises to bring huge changes to the concrete industry


FRAMECAD deals over a huge variety of construction consignments with the use of light gauge steel. Right from Institutional buildings to residential and commercial buildings, FRAMECAD uses galvanized steel which is then processed through cold forming and is used in many construction applications.


Howick has used roll-formed LGS in a wide range of applications as well. Be it frames, trusses or joints they construct all. They have been using LGS in custom building construction (solar panel frames, sheds); They provide commercial construction solutions as well.

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DANA Steel (www.danasteel.com) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, with the rich experience of around three decades, we have always thrived hard in order to bring revolutionary changes to the steel industry; We have our state of the art Cold Rolling Mill (CRM Complex) Situated in DIC(Dubai Industrial City) we proudly manufacture our products in Dubai, UAE.

Our market extends over a wide demographic as we export over products to around 50 countries including counties from the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, India, Nepal); South-East Asian countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam); Middle-East countries including members of GCC (GCC-Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait) and Jordan. We also have our markets extended to Africa (Djibouti) and South America. With our constant commitment to customer contentment, we are able to provide competitive prices and faster shipment to all of our valuable clients.

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