DANA pre-painted Aluminium coils are supplied to many countries

DANA pre-painted Aluminium coils

DANA steels export their products to a total of more than 50 countries


DANA pre-painted Aluminium coils, Aluminium is a silvery-white, soft, non-magnetic and ductile metal present in the boron family in the periodic table. Aluminium has a remarkably low density which coupled with excellent corrosion resistance is the reason why it is widely used in the aerospace applications, transportation and building industries.

When molten aluminium metal is passed sandwiched between rolls under pressure, it converts to a thinner and longer substance in the direction it is moving. This basic procedure is the beginning for producing aluminium plate, sheet and foil. The sheet is the most commonly used form of industrial aluminium.

Owing to its excellent malleable and ductile properties, Aluminium can be easily transformed into sheets and coils. These coils can be painted with a number of different colour coatings in order to provide high strength and enhance the appearance of these coils.

We ensure that the pre-painted aluminium coils produced here at DANA steels are made of high-grade quality aluminium metals and paints. Being one of the leading pre-painted aluminium coil suppliers, we continuously thrive in order to provide the most premium of the qualities.


The primary purpose of the coated/pre-painted aluminium is to colour the surface of aluminium. After this process, the surface layer can retain its colours for time periods of up to 20 years. These very properties of these coils have meant that they have emerged quickly in the decoration fields like doors or windows.

Its biggest advantage is the availability of a variety of colours and an unparalleled solidity that it offers. It is green and durable decorative material which provides a number of different advantages like

  • Uniform long-lasting colour

The surface properties of aluminium coils produced here at DANA steel are painted and coloured in a manner that the coils retain colour for longer periods of time, sometimes for even decade or couple.

  • Strong adhesion

The strong adhesive property is the reason why the PPAl retains colour for longer time durations.

  • Acid and alkali resistance

Since colour coated coils are to be used for a variety of applications and for extended time periods, it needs to be assured that these sheets do not react with foreign chemicals including acid and alkali.

  • Weather resistance

The coils should be able to tolerate a large temperature range in order to last properly and that is why they are equipped to offer optimum performance across a wide temperature range.

Desired Chemical properties

Before the selection of the perfect colour coated aluminium coils, the following properties need to be kept in mind as they play an important part, DANA steels being one of the leading names in steel industry have got you covered on this front, we ensure that the best of materials are used as we keep customer contentment at our top priority.

  • High tensile strength (larger is the tensile strength, larger is the load-carrying capacity)
  • Low wet ability (Ability to shed off extra water and preventing the water molecules from seeping through)
  • High weldability (Ability to be welded easily and conveniently)
  • High formability (Ability to be shaped easily under external loads)
  • High corrosion resistance (Does not get rusted)


We generally use three different types of paint systems on pre-painted aluminium coils

The applications of colour coating aluminium coils can generally be found in the following aspects –

  • Electronic appliances
  • Home decorations (This is one of the prime applications of the pre-painted aluminium coils as it finds its application in construction purposes)
  • Air conditioning ducts
  • Solar reflectors
  • Packaging
  • Building facades
  • Curtain walls and shading elements
  • Roofings
  • Roller shutters
  • Composite and partitioning walls
  • Ceiling
  • Composite or sandwich panels
  • Decorative panels
  • Advertising boards

The process of aluminium coating

A proper paint preparation method has to be employed in order to achieve the desired results, Material needs to be processed properly if the paint is to adhere properly on the aluminium surface.

The aluminium is passed through a spray tunnel so that it can be degreased. The final bath includes the introduction of a conversion layer, allowing excellent adhesion to develop between aluminium and paint layer.

Different types of paint systems

1)      Epoxy-polyester – These kinds of coating provide superior heat stability and exterior durability. The typical application for these type of coating includes decorative finish desirable in domestic applications

2)     Polyvinyl difluoride(PVDF) – PVDF is a non-reactive thermoplastic fluoropolymer which is produced by the polymerization of vinylidene difluoride. It provides the substance, the resistance against solvents, acids and hydrocarbons. PVDF is also used for the construction of chemical tank liners and semi-conductor equipment controls.

3)     Polyamide coating – It is used for finishing and protection of metallic surfaces. They have high resistance against wear and very good insulating properties. Due to its superior mechanical and chemical properties, these coatings are mainly used in many decorative and technical domains.

About Us

DANA pre-painted aluminium coils are exported in bulk quantities

DANA Steel (www.danasteel.com) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, with the rich experience of around three decades, we have always thrived hard in order to bring revolutionary changes to the steel industry; We have our state of the art Cold Rolling Mill (CRM Complex) Situated in DIC(Dubai Industrial City) we proudly manufacture our products in Dubai, UAE.

Our market extends over a wide demographic as we export over products to around 50 countries including counties from the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, India, Nepal); South-East Asian countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam); Middle-East countries including members of GCC (GCC-Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait) and Jordan. We also have our markets extended to Africa (Djibouti) and South America. With our constant commitment to customer contentment, we are able to provide competitive prices and faster shipment to all of our valuable clients.

Feel free to contact in case of any enquiry. Listed below are the mediums through which you can reach us out!

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