Dana Steel is undergoing EPD (Environment Product Declaration) for LEED certification

Dana Steel is undergoing EPD (Environment Product Declaration) for LEED certification

Dana Steel is undergoing EPD (Environment Product Declaration) for LEED certification


Dana Steel is undergoing EPD, Dana Steel a leading manufacturer of steel products in the UAE, is taking steps to become more environmentally responsible by undergoing an Environment Product Declaration (EPD) for its products. This move is aimed at securing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the company’s products.



What is an EPD and LEED certification?

An EPD is a comprehensive report that provides transparent and verified information on the environmental performance of a product. It includes details such as the materials used, energy consumption during production, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, and waste generation.

LEED certification is a globally recognized rating system that assesses the sustainability of buildings and their components. It takes into account factors such as energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, and sustainable site development. LEED certification provides third-party verification that a building or its components meet certain environmental standards.

Why is EPD important for LEED certification?

An EPD serves as proof of a product’s environmental performance. It provides data on key parameters such as carbon footprint, energy use, and waste generation. This data can be used to evaluate the overall sustainability of a building or its components. By using products with EPDs in their projects, builders can earn points towards LEED certification.

In fact, under LEED v4.1 rating system which was launched in 2019; having EPDs for major construction materials has become mandatory to achieve points in Materials & Resources category which holds 25% weightage in total scorecard points to achieve any level of LEED Certification

Benefits of using products with EPDs


Sustainable procurement

The use of products with verified EPDs supports sustainable procurement practices. It allows builders to make informed decisions about the environmental impact of the products they use. By choosing environmentally responsible products, builders can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to global efforts to mitigate climate change.


Improved marketability


Using products with verified EPDs can improve marketability for manufacturers like Dana Steel who have undergone this crutial exercise; it demonstrates that they are committed to transparency and sustainability thus enhancing their brand image.


Compliance with regulations

The adoption of sustainable practices including using products with verified EPDs helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements introduced from time-to-time by local authorities.

The importance of eco-friendly steel manufacturing processes

In line with its commitment towards sustainable operations across all its business activities; Dana Steel has ensured that its manufacturing process incorporates eco-friendly practices including usage re-cycled metals upto 30%, reducing wastages through precision cutting technology among other measures.



In conclusion; companies like Dana Steel who demonstrate commitment towards sustainable operations will ensure better future for our planet Earth through reduced carbon footprints while also improving their brand value through enhanced positive perception from customers & stakeholders alike.. Steps like undertaking an certified LCA study such as Environment Product Declaration/EPD will go long way not only towards earning valuable points toward achieving coveted Green Building certifications like USGBC’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), but also establishing themselves as leaders within the industry by demonstrating transparency & accountability when it comes to measuring lifecycle impact assessment data (LCA).


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