Drywall Partitioning System (Stud, Track, Furring channel) uses for the construction industry


Drywall, commonly referred to as plasterboard, is a gypsum plaster panel sandwiched between two thick sheets of paper or fibre cement sheets. Interior walls are commonly constructed with drywall partitions. Due to its environmental friendliness, fibre cement sheet drywall has surpassed gypsum-based drywall.


Drywall may be used as a divider and is the ideal building material in a variety of settings, including residences, hotels, hospitals, schools, theatres, and industries. They are durable and sturdy, and unless they are abused or altered, they may normally endure the life of a structure. Let’s take a look at why drywalls outperform brickwork.

Fiber cement sheet walls are incredibly durable, environmentally friendly, and adaptable. Fibre cement sheet may be utilised in a variety of architectural applications, from fake ceilings for halls to mezzanine flooring materials, in addition to drywall construction.


DRY WAll (Stud, Track, Furring channel)

The system is built of long-lasting galvanised steel, and the surface material is commonly gypsum boards. Because of its ease of installation, it is popular in workplaces and residential buildings. Gypsum boards, as opposed to hardwood boards, can produce a more secure and fire-resistant wall. It may also significantly lower the weight of a structure when compared to a hefty brick wall. In addition, thermal and acoustic insulation products can be used to fill partition frames for a safe and peaceful atmosphere.

The system is built of robust galvanised steel, and the surface materials are often gypsum boards and calcium silicate board.

Place the stud vertically in the track. The maximum stud spacing is 610 m/m. Both flanges can be bolted or nailed with gypsum boards. Both flanges contain slide-proof points to keep projecting screws from slipping during gypsum board installation.


5x32x146x34.5x5mm Dimensions: 5x32x146x34.5x5mm Dimensions: 5x32x146

Thickness ranges from 0.45mm to 1.00mm.

Standard length is 3.0M, however additional lengths are available by request.

Factories, department shops, hospitals, office buildings, houses, restaurants, and other similar establishments

Because of its ease of construction, the dry wall partition system is frequently utilised in commercial and residential structures. Galvanized steel is used to construct the dry wall partition system. The most common surface material is gypsum boards. Gypsum boards, as opposed to hardwood boards, can produce a safer and more fire-resistant wall. It may significantly lower the weight of a structure when compared to a hefty masonry wall. In addition, to create a safe and peaceful atmosphere, thermal and acoustic insulation products can be put in partition frames.

Channel for furring

A hat-shaped framing element used to fur masonry walls and ceilings is known as furring channel. It comes in a range of depths and gauges and offers a non-combustible alternative for levelling off uneven surfaces. We’ve got the best hat channel guide for you so you don’t have to go backward on your project. In addition, we’ll address any of your pressing framing inquiries for your home or business.

Hat channel, also known as hat-shaped channel, is ideal for levelling uneven walls and surfaces. Concrete walls, masonry walls, and basements are all typical places where it’s employed.

The term hat channel refers to the channel’s form. The contour of the profile is similar to that of a top hat. Hat channels are distinct in that they are formed like a hat. The hat channel’s design also contributes to its robustness.

What is the definition of furring?

Furring is the technique of building thin walls over a concrete structure or a thin wall with just one side visible. Hat channels, Z-furring channels, and furring strips are examples of frame members.

Furring strips are thin wood or metal strips used to fill or put over a base in order to construct level masonry walls. You may also use them on ceilings to ensure that the finish is consistent throughout.

The outside wall, studs, and a drywall furring channel are all used in the furring process. The drywall is the exterior perimeter of your wall, with a drywall furring channel on the inside.

Between you and the earth, this procedure guarantees many layers of insulation. The use of stronger gauge furring is part of what makes your basement wall system so efficient.

Dropped Ceiling Applications for Furring a Ceiling

It’s critical to know where your ceiling joists are when furring a ceiling. Unlike studs, your beams serve as the termination of your furring channel, making furring a wall an entirely distinct operation.

Furring a ceiling is an excellent technique to finish soundproofing your lower floors. Much of this is due to an understanding of the Sound Transmission Class rating.

First and foremost, robust clips or springs are required for ceiling furring to function. Boards are isolated from the joists by the spring action, which avoids sound shocks. One approach to disperse weight throughout the surface area of the ceiling components is to utilise generous springs.

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