Gi Galvanized

Gi Galvanized Corrugated Iron Roofing Sheets

Gi Galvanized Corrugated Iron Roofing Sheets, We are the leading manufactures and suppliers of Gi Galvanized Corrugated Iron roofing sheets. These sheets can be customized according to customer specifications and are available in various colors to meet customer needs. These sheets are designed to resist various external elements such as humidity, sunlight, rain, and many others. In addition, they can be used at industry-leading prices.

The Gi Galvanized steel we produce is not only high strength but also corrosion-resistant, environmentally friendly, durable and light. The zinc-iron alloy layers formed during the galvanizing process create a protective layer around the steel, preventing moisture and preventing corrosion.

Galvanizing also gives excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance, which offers our products unrivaled protection against the elements. These characteristics make our galvanized corrugated sheets, DANA Stell brand, the most sought after on the market.

Our expertise is to offer our customers a range of GI profile sheets with excellent quality color coating. Our offered sheets are perfectly designed with the use of impeccable quality material with the help of the latest technologies under the close supervision of skilled labor who has extensive experience in the sector.

Gi Galvanized Gi Galvanized

These sheets are highly recognized in the market for their precise size and optimal finish. These sheets are widely used in various industries for hedging purposes.


  • Anticorrosive
  • High resistance
  • Improved durability


Gi Galvanized

The cover can be used as a composite system for the floor or as a permanent frame. The quick and easy installation of this intensive use platform allows immediate access to a work platform. Significant construction times are saved, which in turn implies the total cost, safety, and accessibility of the project.


  • Weather resistance
  • Quick installation
  • Reduce the weight of the concrete floor by 50%
  • Unbreakable
  • Fireproof

galvanized iron corrugated sheets mabati

DANA Steel is the largest producer and exporter of galvanized steel and the leading supplier of products with the largest coating (550 g / m2) for the solar sector in the country.  Our products are reliable worldwide for their unmatched quality.


  • A wide range of thicknesses for various applications.
  • Produced in commercial, forming, straightening and structural qualities.
  • Custom hardness thanks to continuous annealing in the galvanizing line.
  • Rust resistance and longer product life, thanks to the perfect zinc coating on the strips, performed by computerized processes.
  • A wide range of surface finishes, including glossy, matte and matte. In addition, a choice of regular or minimal sequins, so you can customize them your way.
  • The sheets can undergo flexion and formation without the formation of zinc flakes.
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