GI Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturer & Supplier

GI Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturer & Supplier, The DANA Steel Gi Galvanized steel coil has excellent performance and has ideal integral properties of corrosion resistance, formation, and coating. We are one of the main producers, and suppliers, exporters, etc of a wide range of tapes, reels, and sheets.

GI Galvanized Steel Coil GI Galvanized Steel Coil


Our team of experienced professionals produces them using superior quality raw components purchased from reliable and reliable suppliers in the sector.

Galvanized steel (GI) is mainly used in construction, automobiles, metallurgy, electrical equipment and more.

  • Building: roof, door, window, roll-up door, and suspended skeleton
  • Cars: vehicle housing, chassis, door, boot lid, oil tank, and mudguards
  • Metallurgy: white steel sheet and the colored coated substrate
  • Electrical equipment: base and housing of the refrigerator, freezer and kitchen equipment.

As a leading manufacturer of galvanized steel coils, Hengze Steel adheres to strict quality standards to produce our galvanized steel coils/sheets. We guarantee that our products meet the needs of our customers.




Quality Check

We have our own laboratory at the physical and chemical test center. To guarantee the quality of our product. Our test items and instruments fully comply with international standards.

GI Galvanized Steel Coil Manufacturing

It has excellent corrosion resistance, painting ability, and workability thanks to the characteristics of zinc. In general, the process and specifications of the DANA Steel galvanized steel sheet and the galvanized steel coil are substantially the same.

DANA Steel galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating on a steel sheet or iron plate to prevent oxidation.

  • Excellent anti-corrosion, paintability, and workability thanks to the sacrificial characteristics of zinc.
  • Available to select and produce the desired quantity of golden zinc and in particular allows thick layers of zinc.
  • Classified as zero sequins or extra soft, depending on whether the sheet undergoes a skin treatment.
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