GI sheets Saudi Arabia as per ASTM 653 with G90 coating, SASO standards.

GI sheets

GI sheets Saudi Arabia as per ASTM 653 with G90 coating, SASO standards., Galvanized iron sheets are known as GI sheets. Iron is made rust-free through the process of galvanising. Iron or steel is coated with zinc during the galvanising process to prevent rusting. Thus, GI sheets are stainless steel sheets that have been zinc galvanised. Hot-dip and electro-galvanized steel sheets are also referred to as GI sheets. In addition to shielding the steel from rust and corrosion, the zinc also preserves the steel’s initial strength for an extended period of time as per ASTM 653 with G90 coating, SASO standards Giving the sheets a polished sheen is the second small use of zinc.


Every sphere of the economy uses GI sheets. They are used in agriculture as sprayers, pans, feeding troughs, and grain silos. GI sheets are extensively used in construction operations as partition walls, roof sheets, walls, panels, covers, rolling shutters, highway bombers, and painted coated items. GI sheets are used to manufacture several household goods. Small tubs, water buckets, washing machines, pipes, and other fittings where water is continuously utilised are all manufactured using GI sheets.

Electrical appliances, air conditioners, electrical panels, and decorative things are also made using it. These sheets are used to make entire furniture pieces including armoires, some chairs and sofa sets, and racks. Only GI sheets are used to construct the lockers for strong protection. GI sheets are also used in the production of railroad coaches, shipping containers, thermal cladding, ducting drums, sign boards, hoardings, and other types of road signs, among other things.

GI sheets as per ASTM 653 with G90 coating, SASO standards are widely used because of their numerous benefits. The zinc coating for steel has a lower cost than other coatings and a longer lifespan in all settings and environments. Dana Steel’s GI sheets can also be used in coastal environments, where corrosion occurs more frequently than in other climates. Low maintenance practically costs nothing over the long run. The GI coating’s distinctive metallurgical composition protects against any abrasion or mechanical damage that could happen during transit, erection, and service. Any damaged portion of the sheet is automatically protected by the galvanised coating. With conventional coatings, damaged areas require patching, but not with GI sheets.

The sheets are given cathode or sacrificial protection by being galvanised against any little transportation damage. The coating thus provides protection along the whole length of the sheets. It is quite simple to inspect steel to discover if it has been galvanised. It is visible with the naked eye. A straightforward non-destructive thickness approach can also be used to test it. There is no relationship between weather and the galvanising process. Dana Steel’s galvanising coating and protective grade have a dependable and predictable life . Only a little coating is used, and galvanising is done in accordance with specifications as per ASTM 653 with G90 coating, SASO standards. Finally, galvanised stainless steel takes on a more attractive appearance.


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