Grade 80

Grade 80 ASTM A 653 Galvanized steel for Bathroom PODS, Kitchen PODS in UAE, Saudi Standards: ASTM, JIS, EN; Grade: EN10346 JISG3302 ASTMA653 JISG3321 Grade SS Gr 550 Zinc Z275

Grade 80

Grade 80 ASTM A 653 Galvanized steel for Bathroom PODS, Kitchen PODS in UAE, Saudi Standards: ASTM, JIS, EN; Grade: EN10346 JISG3302 ASTMA653 JISG3321 Grade SS Gr 550 Zinc Z275  Grade 80 By far, the most adaptable material we utilise to build our structures is galvanised steel. Furthermore, it plays a significant role in even the smallest design elements, like as light fixtures, furniture, and attaching bolts, in the Park Range of Bathroom PODS and Kitchen PODS.


The fundamental idea behind each of our buildings is to display the beauty and talent of excellent design, construction, and fine craftsmanship. This indicates that every single material has been thoroughly thought out and chosen.


For a very long time, the building industry has relied heavily on galvanised steel, which has standards like Grade 80 ASTM, JIS, and EN and grades like EN10346, JISG3302, ASTMA653, JISG3321, SS GR 550, and Zinc Z275, but it is frequently kept out of sight. Unnoticed but crucial to the structure of the building is a quiet giant. In many areas of building design today, its adaptability and wide variety of qualities are recognised and cherished, and people adore the distinctive texture and quality that this wonderful material has to give.


Galvanized steel is an unmatched material of choice for outdoor fixtures and fittings due to its long-term durability. We utilise it for both exterior light fixtures and decorative detailing against our Larch cladding, such as corner accents with recurring hex-head bolt fasteners.


The material’s appeal is enhanced and it is gently integrated into its natural setting by the lovely weathering that develops over time in exposed regions. You may be sure that these details will last for many years without any maintenance because the material is exceptionally resistant to corrosion.


We’ve created some really creative modifications as a result of customer requests, including a gorgeous galvanised steel veranda on a Welsh garden room.


Why confine such a lovely material to the outside only? In keeping with true style, the materials we utilise both inside and out are carefully chosen. Our structures’ designs gain depth by using the same materials repeatedly, which unifies the entire aesthetic.


Under the windows of the Bathroom PODS and Kitchen PODS, a decorative “skirting” from the main building is occasionally apparent. While our architects took a risk with this design and did something fairly unconventional, our clients have adored it. We welcome the chance to change up our garden rooms a bit.


The uses for galvanised steel as a material for fixtures and fittings seem to be limitless, ranging from galvanised furniture and lighting to sockets and switches. These days, there are some exquisite products available that elevate this material to a new level.


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