Mezzanine Floors in Warehouses and how to use GI Decking sheets to quickly build Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors in Warehouses and how to use GI Decking sheets to quickly build Mezzanine Floors, A mezzanine floor is a level that is located between the main floors of a structure. It’s a low-ceiling floor that frequently takes the shape of a balcony. The mezzanine level does not take up the full floor area and may be readily moved.

According to experts, one of the major reasons impeding business growth is a shortage of room. The most effective method for businesses to solve this difficulty is to build a mezzanine level. You could be asking yourself this question right now. Which Mezzanine Floor Type is Right for You?

Mezzanine Floors in Warehouses


3 Popular Types Of Mezzanine Floors


  1. Mezzanine Floor Supported by Racks


The installation of a rack-supported mezzanine floor takes place without the use of structural columns. It is supported by shelving systems or pallet racks. This type of mezzanine level has a lot of storage space both above and below it. As a result, it enables you to efficiently enhance your area.

Small to medium-sized commodities are suited for the rack-supported mezzanine floor. It’s also useful for storing a range of things that may be accessed manually. Hydraulic lifting, forklifts, and hydraulic pallet trucks are commonly used to transport products in this sort.


  1. Steel Structural Mezzanine Floor


Steel structural mezzanine levels, as the name indicates, are supported by steel columns. The entresols, or high-level platforms, are independent from the main building structure. Shelving provides stability for the floor system while also providing additional storage space. The base of the floor connects to the shelf to provide a passageway or structural flooring.

The steel structural mezzanine level maximises the space’s height. It can triple the surface area. As a result, it may function as an office, a storage area, or a changing room, among other things. Because the structure uses I-beams for support, this kind can withstand the weight of big goods.


  1. Concrete Mezzanine Floor


One of the most enduring varieties is a concrete mezzanine floor. It is designed with a high point load and little noise transmission through the floor. Corrugated steel VL decking makes up a concrete floor. This acts as a pour stop, allowing the concrete floor to extend up to 6 inches.


This mezzanine is often utilised in industrial or military applications with large capacity. It is often used as a permanent floor system due to its long-term resilience.


GI Deck Sheets For Mezzanines Floors

Deck sheets have been used as flooring on mezzanine beams. The lightweight steel decking panel uses less concrete and is simple to install, making it a cost-effective and alternative floor solution. For the appropriate load on the floor, GI deck sheet is provided and coated with form concrete.


The embossed sides and top ribs give extra grip and reduce slip by forming a contact with the concrete, much as regular reinforcement.


Positive reinforcement and a durable structure are provided by the Deck Panel. The use of a traditional shuttering technology to cast the concrete slab is eliminated, resulting in significant time savings and excellent quality. For exposed circumstances, a clean, uniform, and attractive ribbed underside (Soffit) reduces the expense of ceiling finishes.


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