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Continuous Coil Coating Line
A most advanced state-of- the-art continuous coil coating line is used to produce the DANA
Spectrum Pre-painted Range. It involves unwinding of skin-passed Galvanized coils,
cleaning / brushing, rinsing, degreasing, chemical pre-treatment consisting of surface
conditioning, conversion coating, chromating and drying.
The treated strip surface is then coated with three layers of organic coatings: Primer, Top coat
and Back coat in three-stage roll-coating stations and is oven-cured at each stage.
One major advantage of this process line is its flexibility which allows it to be used for other
coats like SMP, SDP, PVDF and Lamination with Textured Finish in addition to Regular
Modified Polyesters. The line also has the facility to laminate different designs of film on steel
surface, after primary coating.

The strength of steel, the corrosion resistance of metallic coating and the beauty as well as
additional corrosion protection of paint is a unique blend of advantages that the DANA
Spectrum Range offers.
These merits are also guaranteed by ensuring that all finished products pass through a series
of stringent tests in DANA's in-House Laboratory that is equipped with the latest quality
assurance equipment.