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PE |PVDF |PVF2 Coated Pre-Painted Galvanized Aluzinc Coils PPGI – PPGL Manufacturer in Dubai UAE, PREPAINTED GALVANIZED/ALUZINC STEEL COILS (PPGI / PPGL) Generally manufactured with hot-dip zinc-coated(GI) steel or an Aluzinc/galvalume(AZ/GL) substrate, the coil is processed on a continuous paint coating line (CCL) wherein the surface of the metal is cleaned, pre-treated and applied with various layers of organic coatings.


At DANA STEEL Our product range of colour coated material combines the strength and form-ability of steel with the corrosion resistance of zinc and paint. We have the widest range of colours in the market. Further, shades and degrees of gloss can also be tailored to suit your requirement. DANA STEEL‘s Colour Coated Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Coils & Pre-painted Aluzinc Steel Coils (PPGI / PPGL) could be supplied as coils, sheets, slit strips or even profiled sheets. Our Installed Annual Coil Coating Capacity is 150,000 Metric Tonnes in thicknesses range of 0.18mm – 2.0mm (for Pre-painted Galvanized/Aluzinc Coils) with 650mm-1350mm width range.

Continuous Coating is a highly automated, continuous process for coating galvanized / Aluzinc substrates prior to production. In a continuous process, the top and bottom are cleaned, chemically treated, moulded, oven hardened, rewound/zeroed and packaged in pre-painted, galvanized (PPGI) or pre-coated Aluzinc steel (PPAZ / PPGL) coils.

The neat and precise continuous coating provides beautiful finishes, durable surfaces, innovative applications, environmental benefits and cost savings. Continuous coatings include liquid paint in a wide range of colours and finishes that can be applied to galvanized (GI) or Alu zinc (AZ) continuous steel strips. These can be cured in seconds, then rewound and packaged for delivery to end-users. The continuous coating process not only creates new markets for sheet metal products but also reduces environmental impact by minimizing paint waste and using excess solvents. Paint solvents are reincarnated to generate heat for the curing ovens, thus preventing fuel wastage and pollution.

Pre-Painted Galvanized Aluzinc Coils Coats



Ordinary modified polyester is the most widely used spiral coating with durable, heat-dried polyester paint. It is applied to indoor / outdoor materials without heavy designs. Thanks to its variable colours and chandeliers with economic feasibility. RMP coated products are used for exterior cladding and interior design purposes that do not require excessive processing. It generally exhibits superior workability, durability and weather resistance and is used for various purposes; offered in a wide range of colours and polish qualities.

The matte and crumpled effect can be added to the top finish.


Panels for roofing and cladding
Interior partitions
Interior / exterior buildings
Sandwich panels
Roof, gutter
Steel furniture
Shutter, door, garage door, iron frame, etc.



Polyvinylidene fluoride or PVF2 coating ensures high weather resistance against climate and durability, wear-resistance and workability. With the unique PVDF painting technique, it can be made into a simple kind of colour (solid / metal/mica) and various kinds of patterns. PVDF (fluorocarbon) coating is composed of fluorinated carbon resin, pigment, solvent ester, after high-temperature roasting and baking, the paint is solidified into a dry film with super resistance to atmospheric agents. The hydrophilic surface treatment prevents dust from adhering to the surface and allows it to be easily removed. PVDF / PVF2 coatings are particularly resistant to solvents, acids and heat and have a low density compared to similar fluoropolymers. The 20-year limited warranty provided by region. The standard warranty certificate can be obtained from DANA STEEL on request.


Roofing or construction industry (single skin cladding, sandwich panels, shutters, facades, interior ceilings), defence industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, industry some fishing.



Vinyl Plastisol’s are dispersions of special fine-grained PVC resins in plasticizing liquids which are used for coating DANA STEEL galvanized / Aluzinc coils. These materials are liquid at room temperature, but when the compound is heated in the finishing furnace, melting occurs and the liquid turns into a homogeneous, hard mass. The advantages of plastisol coil coating are numerous. Plastisol continuous coating can add colour, cushion, texture, safety and silence to the product or part surface, while resisting abrasion, corrosion and electricity. the same time. Heat or light stabilizers, flame retardants, binders, and other additives are available to meet a variety of specifications, including automotive and military applications. Plastisol coatings can offer properties such as slip resistance, cushioning, colour coding, electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.


PPGI – PPGL Manufacturer in Dubai UAE


DANA STEEL is a leading manufacturer of various steel products, covering a wide range of products and serving thousands of clients across the globe, at Dana Steel we ADD VALUE TO STEEL. Our products are proudly MADE IN UAE and exported to more than 45 countries across the globe.

Sandwich Panels, Profile Sheets, Decking Sheets, Aluminium Panels, Composite Panels, Z Purlins, C channels, Metal Lintels, roofing sheets, Fencing Sheets, Steel sheets, stainless steel.

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