PIR Sandwich Panels and their Fire Proofing abilities

PIR Sandwich Panels and their Fire Proofing abilities, Prefabricated “composite” or “sandwich” panels, which are made up of 1 mm steel sheets bonded on both sides of a slab of insulating material, are becoming more popular as wall and ceiling materials in commercial projects. In constructions such as factories and warehouses, sandwich panels are commonly utilised to replace brick, breezeblock, or concrete. They’re easy to put together and provide good thermal insulation. Insulation is becoming increasingly significant as a means of meeting carbon emission targets, as well as a crucial component of food-processing buildings, where they are frequently utilised and the risk of fire is high.

PIR Sandwich Panels

The average width is 1.2 metres, with lengths ranging from 2.5 to 13 metres and thicknesses varying from 40 to 230 millimetres. Polymeric foam (polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, phenolic, or polystyrene), glass wool, or stone wool can be used to fill the panels. For simplicity of assembly, the panels are frequently constructed to interlock.


PIR foams are expanded polymers made by combining isocyanates with activating and stabilising chemicals in a polyaddition process. We employ a classic hydrocarbon – pentane – as the blowing agent, which is completely safe for the ozone layer. We get more aromatic bonding in polyisocyanurate PIR foams by employing unique polyester-derived polyols. Polyisocyanurate rings with excellent chemical resistance are also formed by raising the so-called index unsuitable circumstances.


As a result, three-dimensional structures are produced in the PIR foam. As a result, the PIR foam performs significantly better in a fire. PIR foams have excellent physical and chemical properties, as well as great moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and fungal and mildew resistance.


Fireproofing Abilities of PIR Sandwich Panels


The core material for corrugated insulated sandwich panels is Rockwool or Polyisocyanurate (PIR), which is sandwiched between two stiff metal facings. Designed for horizontal, pitched roofing and vertical wall applications in industrial and civil projects. The corrugated/trapezoidal sandwich panels are lightweight, fire resistant, and offer great thermal resistance. They come in a variety of profiles.


In the case of a fire, many objects in a structure are intended to burn slowly to give people time to escape. A firebreak in the roof between two houses, as well as a fire door, are required by law to take half an hour to catch fire. The same principle applies to fireproof grade plasterboard. Insulation that burns for 50 minutes or longer gives you more time to get out of the building. This is especially critical in flats, where a fire in one unit can quickly spread to the others.


All aspects of a structure will burn in a catastrophic fire, therefore in a block of flats or a home with many occupations, expert advice from the fire department and the business that installs fire alarms should be sought. Fire-resistant insulation should be used as part of a larger safety plan that includes evacuation plans, smoke alarms, central fire alarms, and maybe sprinkler systems.


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