PPGI with guard film “PE White” RAL 9003, RAL 9010

PPGI with guard film “PE White” RAL 9003, RAL 9010, PPGI Sheets are pre-painted or pre-coated steel sheets that are very durable and resistant to weather and UV radiation from the sun. As a result, they’re commonly employed as building and construction roofing sheets. They are resistant to corrosion due to environmental factors and may be quickly fitted using a simple approach. Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron is abbreviated as PPGI Sheets. These sheets are extremely strong and durable, and they practically never leak or corrode.

PPGI with guard film

They are normally available in a variety of appealing colours and styles to suit your tastes. These sheets generally have a zinc or aluminium metallic covering. This paint covering is normally between 16 and 20 microns thick. Surprisingly, PPGI Steel Sheets are extremely light and manoeuvrable.

PPGI Steel Roofing is commonly seen on Detached Houses, Terraced Houses, Residential Multi-Storey Buildings, and Agricultural Constructions. They may be firmly secured and block out unwanted sounds. PPGI Sheets also offer great thermal qualities, so they can keep a building’s interiors warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Guard film and their Colour System

Over the last six or seven years, a protective film over colour coated sheets, emblazoned with huge corporate names and trademarks, has practically become the industry standard. This is primarily due to the proliferation of Grade I (IS 15965) / Class I (IS 142426) products, which drove in large volumes to popularise the use of colour coated. The proliferation of “branded” guard films by larger companies spurred roll-forming (sheet profiling) companies to brand them with their own logo.

What is the difference between a surface protection film and a guard film? There are two layers to surface protection or guard film: a carrier layer and an adhesive layer. For specialised applications, other polyolefins, polyester, or barrier films can be utilised as the carrier material, or other polyolefins, polyester, or barrier films can be used as the primary raw material. Manufacturers endeavour to ensure that the adhesive leaves no residue on the applied surface when the film is removed, which is why the adhesive layer has so many variations. Plastic looks to be the film’s carrier layer in layman’s words.

It is no secret that the exponential growth in mass-scale use and extensive application of plastic over the last few decades has resulted in unsafe levels of pollution. The accumulation of non-biodegradable materials on our planet’s surface, both on land and in water, has had a negative impact on both animal and human habitats, and it continues to do so.

A protection film left unused after installation/fixing of pre-painted/coated sheets produces moisture condensation in a sheeting application. Debris, water collection, moisture, dirt, and other contaminants nest tightly on the sheet surface after a little scratch or tear on the remaining layer. Fast-tracking paint rips off like an open arm invitation for coatings deterioration (even inorganic coatings).

Colour System


Colours for paint, varnishes, and plastics are defined by the Guard film colour matching system (RAL). The RAL Deutsch’s Institute für Gütesicherung and Kennzeichnung is in charge of the RAL colour standard. “Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung” is abbreviated as “RAL. RAL Effect is a collection of 420 solid colours and 70 metallic colours, with the latter serving as a special feature. It’s RAL’s first waterborne paint system collection. Lead, cadmium, and chromates are not used.

The most prevalent whites in paint are RAL 9001 and RAL 9010. Because it is called “Pure White,” many people mistake RAL 9010 for the brightest white, while it is actually more of an eggshell white. Its appeal stems from the fact that it is slightly warmer and softer than pure white paints, which do not include any colours. RAL 9001 is a little darker version of RAL 9003, and may perhaps be termed a very light beige (much whiter and brighter than RAL 9010) Universal colour paste with a high pigment concentration and a reaction-neutral binding agent. Light resistance is fair to excellent. Colorants for EP, UP, VE, and PU resins, as well as condensation-curing silicon moulding compounds


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