PrePainted Aluzinc Coils ASTM A792 SS340 C1 AZM150 COATING : PVDF COAT

PrePainted Aluzinc Coils ASTM

PrePainted Aluzinc Coils ASTM A792 SS340 C1 AZM150 COATING : PVDF COAT, Aluzinc coated steel has improved long-term corrosion resistance in the majority of air circumstances. Aluzinc coated steel is sold under the trade names Zincalume, Aluzinc, and Galvalume. Aluzinc is cold-rolled galvanised steel with a metal coating. Zinc (43,4 percent), PrePainted Aluzinc Coils ASTM Aluminium (55 percent), and Slicium are all chemical components of aluminium (1,6 percent ). The trademark Aluzinc refers to an alloy coating made of zinc and aluminium that is utilised in the ventilation and insulation industries.

Many customers value prepainted aluminium steel coil (PrePainted Aluzinc Coils ASTM A792 SS340 C1 AZM150). because it can be recycled and has minimal environmental impact during production. This enhances the effectiveness of the anti-pollution impact. Thus, it is utilised frequently in daily life.

Aluzinc steel is a type of cold-rolled galvanised steel with a metal coating made of 55 percent aluminium, 43 percent zinc, and 1.6 percent silicon. It is also known as galvalume or zincalume steel. Aluzinc steel has several distinguishing characteristics due to its special composition, which combines the physical protection and excellent durability of aluminium with the electrochemical protection of zinc.



  1. Aluzinc steel coils surpass galvanised coating by two to six times thanks to superior long-term corrosion resistance.
  2. Zinc has a lower density than aluminium, which is composed of 55% aluminium. The area of the galvalume steel sheet is 3 percent or larger than that of a galvanised steel sheet with the same weight and thickness of the plating layer.




Standard ASTM Standard
Grades SS340 C1
ASTM A792 AZM150
Coating PVDF  COAT
Top 5 mic primer + 18-20  Mic RAL5009 PVDF
Bottom 5-7 mic RAL 7035 EPOXY


Below we will introduce some National Standards of prepainted aluzinc steel coil. Wishing to be beneficial for your deep understanding of color coated steel coil.

  1. GB/T 12754-2006 is the national standard number for colour coated steel coil. Steel plate and steel strip with colour coating is the common name.
  2. The term and definition of ppgi/ppgl steel plate and steel strip are governed by National Standard. demands all of its codes, shapes, weights, technical specifications, tests, experiments, and quality certificates, among other things. For a complete list of contents, please consult National Standard GB/T 12754-2006.
  3. The product is colour coated steel plate and steel strip, according to National Standard, and it can be utilised both inside and outside of buildings.


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