Hoarding Panel

Temporary Fencing and Hoarding Panel Fencing for Construction sites

Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing and Hoarding Panel Fencing for Construction sites are a type of high-security fence or structure that may be used to enclose a demolition or construction site while it is being built. It is constructed of corrugated steel and will fit into a heavy-duty steel frame. Temporary hoardings are a wonderful solution if you require a separate location for your business or to keep the public out. Temporary hoarding is a translucent barrier that can be used in conjunction with a temporary fence gate and other temporary fencing products.

In the construction sector, there are many distinct forms of security fences. There is no one-size-fits-all solution since it is dependent on the level of security and type of activity taking place on your specific construction or construction site.


Heras fence is a suitable alternative for short to medium term projects since it is widely utilised to provide a temporary barrier while work is being done. One of the primary advantages of this form of fence is its light weight, making it simple to carry and deploy wherever it’s needed.

  • Anti-Climb

This type of fencing is available in an anti-climb version for construction sites, which eliminates any footholds or areas where a potential intruder could easily gain access to the site. This type of Heras fencing can be purchased or rented, making it possible to make a cost-effective decision based on the length of time these panels will be needed.

  • Access Gates

While the primary goal of security fencing is to keep people out, it’s also important to make it as easy as possible for those working within the perimeter to get in and out. Our temporary Heras fencing gates come in a variety of sizes to accommodate vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

These gates have the same anti-climb galvanised steel mesh panels as the basic fence alternatives, as well as secure locking mechanisms that allow you to utilise your own padlocks for easy site security. The panels are comparable in weight to non-gated fence, making loading and installation by a two-man crew simple.


When utilising hoarding, one of the primary differences between Heras fence and construction hording is the visible barrier produced. When mesh fence panels are used, this reduces many of the hazards connected with opportunistic crime, where a casual thief or vandal may see something of value within the property. Timber and steel are the two most common materials used for building site hoarding.

  • Timber hoarding

Timber hoarding can be put in concrete to give more stiffness and a permanent-like structure to protect a building or construction site, as well as cost savings over permanent choices. The panels are built utilising bracing techniques and can bear a lot of strain, making them one of our most popular security fence alternatives.

The capacity to design the fencing especially to the site, allowing for a “air-tight” perimeter, is a key advantage of timber hoarding, which is typically used for longer-term projects such as housing complexes. This customization extends to the appearance and style of the panels, which may be rented or purchased to match certain brand colours.

  • Steel hoarding

Steel hoarding is the most durable of all construction or building site fence solutions. These modular panels may be utilised in a variety of scenarios, but they’re especially useful where digging-in wood hoarding isn’t an option.

Galvanized steel panels are generally less expensive than custom-made timber hoarding and give a lightweight fence alternative for your site that may be readily constructed by a small team. Pedestrian and vehicle gates, like the Heras fence choices, can be swiftly installed when needed and are compatible with any mesh fencing, so you don’t have to employ steel hoarding entirely on a site in areas where it isn’t necessary.

Water-filled barriers can also be used with this form of hoarding, however a heavy-duty base is recommended. When empty, water-filled barriers are simple to manoeuvre, requiring just a water source on site for a heavy-duty alternative to freestanding steel hoarding panels. The panels may be joined together to create a continuous perimeter around a building site, obstructing anyone’s view of the work being done within.


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