Use of Galvanized steel

Use of Galvanized steel Grade80 for Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Companies (Standards: ASTM, JIS, EN; Grade: EN10346 JISG3302 ASTMA653 JISG3321 SS550 Z275

Use of Galvanized steel

Use of Galvanized steel Grade80 for Light Gauge Steel (LGS) Companies (Standards: ASTM, JIS, EN; Grade: EN10346 JISG3302 ASTMA653 JISG3321 SS550 Z275 Steel is a common building material used in structures all around the world. For landed properties, using steel is historically viewed as being uneconomical; nonetheless, in many regions of the world, reinforced concrete, structural brickwork, and timber buildings are frequently preferred.

Construction has benefited from a number of upgraded system technologies over the past ten years. Cold-forming is a technique that has been used to create an affordable steel frame that is now being used more frequently in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.


The usage of low gauge steel frame systems is a desirable choice in landed properties due to the depletion of natural resources including lumber, rocks, clay, and sand.

What is Light Gauge Steel?

It is a product of current construction technology and is used to manufacture prefabricated buildings and other constructions. Maximum utility space is made possible by LGSF technology, which uses premium use of Galvanized stee l profiles for load-bearing walls, inter-room walls, floor slabs, and roofing frames.

Cold-forming, which takes place at room temperature, creates the light gauge steel frame without the use of heat, enabling steel producers to create sheets of high tensile yet lightweight steel.


These steel sheets are created by first treating scrap metal, and then going through the cold-forming procedure. By passing thin steel sheets through a series of rollers (with varying forms), the steel is shaped into C- or S-shaped sections.

The sheet surface is then thoroughly covered and protected against corrosion by a zinc alloy coating. The steel frame buildings are strong and are made to last at least 50 years.


Why Use Light Gauge Steel Framing System?


The following is a list of the advantages of utilising galvanised steel in light gauge steel construction with standards like ASTM, JIS, EN, and grades like EN10346, JISG3302, ASTMA653, JISG3321, SS550, and Z275:


  • Buildability – Using prefabricated and preassembled steel components decreases the amount of on-site labour and material waste while also improving the structure’s quality.
  • Quickness – Construction is completed faster than with the traditional approach.
  • Safety – Steel constructions can endure destructive catastrophes like fires, earthquakes, and storms because to their strength and non-combustible properties. Additionally, they are built to withstand greater earthquake and wind loads.
  • It has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any building material. • Strong but Lightweight. This characteristic results in less need for foundation strengthening, and the small weight makes on-site handling simpler.
  • Quality – The buildings that are built are of higher quality, more resilient, and require less upkeep.


  • Simple Remodelling – Since non-load-bearing walls are simple to move, take down, and modify, remodelling is     simple to do.
  • Design Flexibility – Steel’s strength allows for longer spans, and because it is lighter than other materials, more space may be used.
  • It provides greater resistance to sound, fire, and water; better insulating properties; and no termite issue. • All steel components are recyclable.



  • As fire approaches, the steel loses strength, so adequate fire protection must be applied. It can be done by covering the steel with drywall or fire-rated sheeting.
  • Soundproofing is necessary because light-framed buildings transmit sound more easily than masonry structures.


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