Use of Grade 50 GI Steel for Z and C purlins for Prefabricated Warehouse construction, Pre-engineered Buildings

Use of Grade 50

Use of Grade 50 GI Steel for Z and C purlins for Prefabricated Warehouse construction, Pre-engineered Buildings, Purlins are steel components used as support structures in prefabricated buildings and warehouse construction, primarily underneath the roofs. Purlins give additional roof support by forming a horizontal diaphragm that supports the roof and deck’s weight.


Purlins run parallel to the eave of the structure and are supported by rafters or walls. Purlins are made of cold-formed 50 GI steel as the basic material. It can be as long as 30 feet or even more. The length and breadth of the structure are determined by the basic frame’s measurements, its intended use, and engineering design.

Purlins can be stiffened to avoid the loss of structural strength if necessary. Purlins are therefore an essential component of roof structure and prefabricated warehouse building.


50 GI steel purlins are commonly utilised in pre-engineered structures. They are lightweight, long-lasting buildings that are built to exacting standards and have consistent proportions. Summer and winter cause purlins to grow and shrink.


Purlins play a significant role in the building of PEBs and prefabricated warehouses. They play an important role in giving structural support to the building’s main structure.


Let’s look at the two most widely used forms of purlins:

C shaped Purlins


These purlins have forms that are comparable to the letters of the alphabet, as the name indicates. They’re frequently utilised to hold up walls and flooring. When they feature flange stiffeners, C purlins are also known as channel section purlins, and when they don’t, they’re known as U-sections. Mono-symmetrical C-sections are known as C-sections. Although these portions cannot be lapped, their sturdy structure makes packaging and shipment simple. Because of its strong stability factor, C-section purlins are commonly utilised in clear span design.


Z shaped Purlins


The other form of purlins is Z-shaped purlins, which are stronger than C purlins. Joints and overlaps are where Z-purlins are most typically employed. These purlins support the major structural system by being inserted between the roofing sheet and the wall. Lapping Z-purlins is accomplished by turning one Z-purlin 180 degrees and fitting it to another.


What Purpose Do Purlins Serve in a Steel Building?


To grasp this, we must first comprehend the fundamentals of roof purlins in metal building and prefabricated warehouse construction. Purlins are an important component of a 50 GI steel pre-engineered structural package. Such structural supports run perpendicularly through the rafter beams. Purlins, sometimes called “sheeting sheets,” are the roofing component of a 50 GI steel building’s secondary frame. Metal roofing purlins perform three structural tasks.


The purlins, for starters, protect the roof. Second, purlins connect the rafters, strengthening and reinforcing the frame’s stiff structure. Purlins give extra support between the spans of the separate framing bays in the third case. Purlins have the extra benefit of increasing the system’s tolerance to extreme rainfall.


Why are Purlins Considered Reliable Building Materials?

Buildings that reach nearly to the sky, flats, industries, and warehouses may be seen practically everywhere. This concrete jungle has now become the backbone of people’s search for the ideal spot to sleep, work, eat, and do other things. What has to be grasped is how these high–rise structures, as well as many hectares of warehouses, are constructed utilising extremely strong materials.

A wide range of construction materials available on the market are what make buildings, factories, and other facilities appear so great while also allowing them to survive longer. Purlin is a popular architectural material among a variety of materials that may be used to support and assist the roof deck or sheathing.

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