Wrinkle PPGI for Ethiopia

Wrinkle PPGI

Wrinkle PPGI for Ethiopia: “Color coated steel” is a significant development in steel for the construction industry. The building and construction industry is booming in Ethiopia as a result of the country’s growing urbanization.

Numerous new residential, commercial, and industrial infrastructure projects are being inspired by this trend. As a result, the field of architecture is constantly investigating and searching for innovation in building materials and procedures.

One such innovation that is rapidly gaining popularity is color-coated steel. Color-coated steel is now a vital building and construction component, used mostly in industrial roofing and cladding, cold storage and warehouses, airports, atriums in shopping centres, showrooms, false ceilings, lighting fixtures, and other applications.

Color-coated steel is made by coating a coil of steel with a decorative coating or matt finish, also known as wrinkled pre-painted steel. This paint covering increases the steel’s strength and endurance while shielding it from atmospheric corrosion.

The process that gives steel an aesthetically pleasing polish was first developed in Europe in the 1940s. The Wrinkle PPGI coating typically ranges in thickness from 15 microns to 40 microns. For any type of steel, finishes can range from smooth to matte, from high gloss to textured, and even printed. After coating, the sheets’ normal thickness ranges from 0.2 mm to 1.6 mm, with widths ranging from 600 mm to 1600 mm.


Wrinkle Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil


A product called wrinkle PPGI has one or more layers of organic coatings applied to its surface following baking and surface pre-treatment (chemical degreasing and chemical conversion). The service life is roughly 1.5 times longer than the galvanised strip when hot-dip galvanised steel strip is used as the substrate for colour coated steel strip. In addition to providing protection, the zinc coating on the organic coating served as a covering and protective layer, preventing rust.

The base steel, coating, priming, top paint, and protective layer thickness of the pre-painted galvanised steel coil make up the cumulative thickness. The top layer is 10-25 μm thick, and the back layer is 5-20 μm thick. The thinner the thickness of the base steel, the higher the PPGI steel coil price.


The demand and Supply in Ethiopia and urbanization and steel intensity go hand in hand. The potential demand drivers for pre-painted galvanized coils are increasing year to year in Ethiopia. The demand for Pre-Painted Galvanized Coils includes:

  • Construction and Infrastructure 
  • Transportation sector 
  • Manufacturing industries 


At DANA STEEL Our product range of color coated material combines the strength and form-ability of steel with the corrosion resistance of zinc and paint. We have the widest range of colors in the market. We have a large stock of prepainted galvanized coils in our warehouses in Dubai, Ajman & UAQ and we are supplying these coils to Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and other neighboring Gulf GCCArab and African Countries. 

Specifications of PPGI Coils are :- Pre Painted Galvanized (PPGI), Aluzinc, K Span Steel Coils PRIME PPGI with base material as per DX51 Or JIS G3302 SGCC or ASTM A 653 CS – B Zinc Coating : Z-120( Zn coating 120 GSM)G-40 to Z-275(Zn coating 275 GSM) G-90 Yield strength – 280 -320Mpa(CQ) | 340 Mpa ( Grade D ) 

Raw Materials Origin: UAE Korea Taiwan India China Best to Use in 120 and 240 ABMKspan Machines Color as per customer choice- RAL 9002 , RAL 9016 , RAL 9010 , RAL 9003 , RAL 1014 , RAL 1001 , RAL 5015

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